The Future of Area N

Turning an overgrown vacant lot into a beautiful development complimenting the community.

Who We Are

We are the representatives of Area N Development LLC, the company that won the public auction conducted by the South Barrington Park District in February of this year for the Area N parcel.  We are the same group (Fourth Avenue) that submitted the previous winning bid for the property, and we have already completed extensive work on the development plans.

The Area N parcel, at the intersection of Route 59 and Bartlett Road, has been overgrown and vacant for nearly two decades. We plan to develop the property into a campus for a new meeting house for a church and a private school for our children. Of the parcel’s 34 acres, roughly 25 acres will be green space under our plan, of which about 6 acres will remain wetlands.

We are members of the Plymouth Brethen Christian Church (PBCC).  Our congregation is small – about 65 families in total with about 200 members.  We have lived in the Chicago area since the late 1800s.  We are a quiet, law-abiding group of people, who believe in being good neighbors, and supporting the communities in which we live.

We look forward to meeting our future neighbors over the next several months as we proceed through the various zoning and municipal approval processes needed to start work on Area N.

PBCC Site Plan South Barrington

How We Will Use This Property

This property is ideally suited for our proposed use. We plan to turn this unkept vacant piece of land into a modern and beautifully landscaped development that will blend in perfectly with the local community.

South Barrington Park District sought to develop Area N and it was voted to approve a sale in a local referendum in 2020. Multiple developers had expressed interest in building residential developments over the years, but none followed through until Fourth Avenue.

We determined this parcel was best suited for our project given its accessibility and that its current zoning allows for church and school use.

Throughout the process of acquiring the property and planning for the project, we have listened to feedback and input from across the community and local neighborhood. This engagement with the community resulted in multiple changes to our initial plans.

The PBCC congregation is committed to being good neighbors and citizens of the South Barrington community.

We are excited to be here.